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TopVice is established by C2Medic to response to a growing demand from patients themselves to control data, to control access to information, access to doctors, and to be active participants in their health care. Before electronic medical records became more common, patients had to lug their files from one physician to the next, or have their doctors ship to them by snail mail. Now, patients can access their medical records and reach their doctors quickly on smartphones and tablets. It’s all part of a shift toward personalized healthcare- a trend facilitated by increased access to the Internet and digital information, as well as Federal government’s efforts to boots healthcare access and transparency. Founded by a Board Certified Vietnamese American physician, it was natural for TopVice to choose Vietnam as its first destination when coming to South East Asia.

TopVice aims to provide healthcare to the middle class that technology firms like Amazon and Uber do for personal shopping and transportation. Besides assisting with expert first-time diagnosis, second medical evaluation, we also offer patients basic administrative services such as appointment scheduling assistance, direct them through a guided process, physician referrals, diagnostic testing pricing transparency, etc. Our goal overall is to have our services tailored and streamlined to individual client’s needs.